We can provide solutions for extensive wireless and wired access capabilities, as well as one of the world’s most advanced and powerful IP backbones. Providers of 4G LTE networks and the largest international coverage of any U.S. wireless carrier, offering the most phones that work in the most countries; the largest Wi-Fi network in the United States; and the largest number of high speed Internet access subscribers in the United States.

  • Data Bandwidth Plans (Phones, Tablets, iPads, Hot Spots, etc.)
  • Expense Management
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Phones
  • Security

IoT (Internet of Things)

Let us help you automate monitoring for your businesses in the select industries, by delivering substantial time and money savings. Our solution solves remote monitoring challenges while reducing human error by combining eficient wireless sensors and gateways with industry-leading monitoring applications, real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts.

Built for support of the regulatory requirements of major government agencies:

  • Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • State and Local Health Departments
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

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